Thursday, 10 April 2008

Electricity Gone In 100 Years

In 1962, Daniel Wolfson, a physics professor at King George's College, Cambridge published a paper on the risks of running out of electricity due to private and industrial consumption.

His theory states that there are a finite number of electrons on earth and these are being consumed at an increasing rate. They are burned away in light bulbs, motors and all manner of appliances and machinery.

At the time, his article was considered alarmist and was ultimately debunked by his colleague, Professor Charles Finney who showed that our electron supply was continually replenished through cosmic radiation from space.

Since then, little attention has been paid to the matter. Until now.

With Global Warming high on today's agenda, interest in Professor Wolfson's theory has been rekindled. Recent studies have shown that the same "CO2 Greenhouse Layer" that is warming our planet, is also reducing our exposure to cosmic rays. As a result, our natural resource of electrons is depleting.

It is estimated that at present consumption levels, the number of electrons on earth will fall to critical levels within 100 years.

Furthermore, recent efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are exacerbating the problem. Wind generators suck electrons out of the air we breathe and push them down the wires to our homes. Wave and Tidal Generators deplete the vast electron supplies in our oceans. Solar panels soak up what little cosmic radiation we still receive, smothering the earth beneath them.

Electric and hybrid vehicles use vast amounts of electricity which could be saved for lighting our homes and powering critical life support machines in hospitals.

Environmental scientists are quick to push the Hydrogen agenda. "Fuel Cells", "Clean CO2 Free Energy", "Abundant Resource" are all mantras for these radicals. What they don't tell you is that Hydrogen only has one electron.

Electrons are the smallest particles in our universe. Lets not stand idly by while their numbers are being decimated. The Green Movement has gone too far. The time to act is NOW. We must preserve electrons for our children.

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